Fear of Commitment & Why Hard Work Doesn't Always Pay Off

Being an entrepreneur is a beautiful, amazing thing. I LOVE what I do and every day I wake up excited to do something I really care about. In some ways I think I'm addicted to growing my business because of this inner need to see results from my efforts. 

The problem?  

For most people, there are only two exciting phases of building a business. The beginning stages where your brain is overflowing with promising ideas and the ending stages where you have a finished product and money in the bank.

The biggest issue with this concept is that the "ending" stages don't really exist. It's a cycle and while we want to experience wins, we are constantly moving in and out of other stages along the way.

Accept the journey

"Learn to love the journey" as the timeless cliche reads, but more importantly learn to accept your journey. No two individuals have the same path to success so don't expect to mirror those who came before you.

Instead, forge your own path and focus on taking daily actions to move ahead.

Afraid to commit

We love our ideas so much we don't want to see them fail but we don't give them enough time to succeed.

So... we don't commit. 

We spin our wheels and run like a hamster getting nowhere fast. Always busy but never accomplishing anything that gets us closer to out goals. 

Why? Because taking action alone doesn't move you forward. You NEED to take calculated actions that, when put together, make up a bigger effort. 

If you don't know which direction to head in that's okay because your goal should be just to pick a direction and stick with it until you've had enough time to actually create measurable results (good or bad). 

My resolution

It's September and I'm already thinking about my New Year's Resolutions. I don't want to wait until January to get this one out on paper so I'm going to pledge it now to whoever reads this post and I'm trusting you to hold me accountable. 

I am going to find one thing I actually enjoy doing that I believe will grow my business so I can commit to doing it on a regular basis (no excuses).

I'm leaning towards a podcast at this point but I'm hoping you'll join me and pick one think you're going to do on a regular basis to grow your business. 

Don't pick something that's boring or hard for you. Find something you enjoy and something you're good at, pick a schedule, and stick to it!

An example would be committing to posting something on Instagram every day like Alex Beadon did with the Entrepreneur Word of the Day.  You could also commit to posting a blog post every Tuesday or commenting on different blogs daily. 

It's up to you but make sure its actionable and measurable

Share your commitment in the comments. Say something like...

I commit to doing ___(X)___ every __(how often?)__ and I am doing this because I want to ___(X)___.